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Fun, light and strong.

iFeather is an amazingly fun board to ride. It packs a lot of flotation with minimal weight for a board that is both easy, forgiving, and maneuverable while being the most travel-friendly foil board. The inflatable construction makes it easy to pack down into a small package for people that travel a lot, have a small car, or limited storage space.

The inflated structure is extremely light, while our carbon mounting plate allows for maximum rigidity in the stance area and of the foil-to-board connection making IFeather a very fun board to ride.
The 6” thickness allows for the shortest board possible for the most fun when riding.

The inflated structure makes it extremely shock-resistant making it ideal to use from a boat.

If the two smaller models are clearly designed to be sinker boards, they still share the great attribute of the whole range.

Don’t be afraid of the shortness of the bigger board, this is actually what makes these board so fun to ride.

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